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Trainer – 21st April 2021

Trainer – 21st April 2021

Hens: 11.30 Cocks: 11.45

Trained again

Hi all Trained again today Hens lib st 11.30 Cocks 11.45 Pleased with how they are coming 1st race this weekend Pontoise 91 miles Barcelona International is scheduled for 9th July All for now Lou

Trainer 20/04/2021

Trainer 20/04/2021

Hens – 11:50 Cocks – 12.05

40km trainer

Hi all Trained today at 40km. I got home and John was very pleased with how birds came. Both cocks and hens just under half hour came extremely well. Had an issue where some pigeons did not clock tried and tried but in the end […]


Hi all We now have permission to move to 30km radius. Weather permitting Monday we will put clock on so you can see training results. Lou

Still training

Hi all Still training birds but still only allowed 10km. The race this weekend was cancelled due to weather. So 1st race will be next week Pontoise 91 miles. Lou


Hi all Birds been training everyday 10km as due to restrictions of covid thats all we are allowed. First race will be next weekend so if you have not yet done so please send payment to cover racing and training ASAP Lou

Racing is on …

Hi all We are now allowed to race. We have 1st race from Breteuil this weekend. Only a short one 54 miles. If you have not yet paid please do so ASAP Will post the International programme race dates later. All for now Lou Xxx


Hi All Looks like we are allowed to train from April 1st. So if you wish to participate in Barcelona International please send money to cover racing and training ASAP All for now Lou Xxx

This year the one you’ve been waiting for

Hi all Well we are there 2021 the year for your birds to go to Barcelona International. Birds in loft list is now on website so please send payments to cover racing and training as soon as possible All for now Lou Xxx