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Hi all Trained the birds this morning 50km at 08.00 before the heat. There will be a birds in loft list on tonight All for now Lou Xxx

Hard race

Hi all At time of writing this 22.15 there are only 3,388 birds home from some 30,000+ birds So only 10% !!!! So well pleased to of clocked on the day Will expect more home early in the morning Lou

2 Home Agen

GB-18-06119 AT 19.31 GB-18-06116 AT 19.36 Both pigeons N & A Gaunt

Agen International

Morning all The 30,000 + birds were liberated from Agen at 07.00. One bird was kept back 143196 Denis Rahal Good luck all Lou Xxx

Training 17th July

Training 17th July

Males: 09:00 Females: 09:15

Trainer 7th July 2020

Trainer 7th July 2020

50kms / 30miles Males: 09:45 Females: 10:00


Pigeon back from Argenton 143196 Denis Rahal Lou Xx