Result St Benoit…

We were waiting for a long time today, something must have happened. Perhaps they hooked up with another batch of birds or were struck by a bird of prey? We have now had two back so far!

Presenting our first, the cheq to the right and second, blue to left. Both belonging to N & A Gaunt of UK.

UPDATE: Having spoken with President, it seems to have been a strange race all around, with fanciers having had 5/109 and 1/80 back as at 13:30, our current result stands at:

#Pigeon NameFancier NameClocked Time
1GB-18-06120N AND A GAUNT13:15:19.48
2GB-18-06116N AND A GAUNT13:19:08.63
3FR-18-142867PHILLIPPE HAQUETTE13:41:59.27
4FR-18-213961CHRIS LLOYD13:47:58.79
5FR-18-012901TEAM DOS SANTOS PERE ET FILS13:58:49.93
6SEN-18-00115SOUARE AFRICA LOFTS14:15:24.91
7GB-18-05822N AND A GAUNT14:21:24.67
8FR-18-421701CHRIS LLOYD14:21:32.03
9FR-18-143196DENIS RAHAL14:30:42.76
10FR-18-001371REYNALD GAUTAUX14:56:29.76
11FR-18-418376JOHN AND LOU MCGEE14:57:06.73
12FR-18-418375JOHN AND LOU MCGEE14:59:47.58
13FR-18-297576CHRIS LLOYD15:08:48.94
14FR-18-132050THOMAS DOMINIQUE15:12:11.82
15FR-18-132056THOMAS DOMINIQUE15:12:12.89
16TR-18-180804MEHMET INCE15:22:34.33
17FR-18-132383PATRICK METAYER15:23:18.83
18GB-18-06113N AND A GAUNT15:33:44.62
19FR-18-143190JULIE RAHAL16:34:15.25
20FR-18-213964CHRIS LLOYD17:00:16.53
21FR-18-419541JOHN AND LOU MCGEE17:08:45.59
22FR-18-145023CHRIS LLOYD17:35:01.39
23FR-18-419542JOHN AND LOU MCGEE18:14:21.09
24FR-18-213960SVETLANA TERENTIEVA19:45:31.22
25FR-18-012724JOHN AND LOU MCGEE07:24:37.06
26GB-18-06119N AND A GAUNT08:51:01.71
27FR-18-213975ROBERT VENUS11:05:46.64